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Are you seeking that “special” gift…
something unique, personal and different?
A Photo Collage Puzzle is the Perfect Choice.

We create stunning, original photo collage puzzles for any occasion from your digital photo memories.

Each photo collage is hand crafted specifically for each client as an absolute original and fully personalized masterpiece. Our graphics designers give careful consideration to the placement of each photos, the balance of colors, background, image sizing, and the placement of your message, title or text.

There is nothing “auto generated” about the layout of our photo collages – each one is made to order! We make sure that that each layout is purposeful and personal, and presents the ideas our clients want to communicate. These are truly a unique, heart-felt gift idea that can be given to anyone, anytime, with or without a special occasion to celebrate.

Prices start from as little as $69.95 and include the layout and design of your photo collage. Included in our service is the enhancement, color correction and retouching of your photos (if required). You can give us detailed instructions on how you want your Photo Collage to look, or let us use our creative talent to come up with a design for you.

Our goal is to create something unique and amazing!

Take a look at some Photo Collage Puzzle projects
we have completed for past customers.


Completely unique to you and your family


Combines memories of people, places and events like no other gift


Gives fun and enjoyment while re-living special memories


Creates a lasting keepsake which can be preserved and framed


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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to make a Photo Collage Puzzle?
To be on the safe side, please allow 15 days lead time for your order but we may well deliver faster than this. The steps involved in the production of a photo collage jigsaw puzzle are DESIGN, APPROVAL, PRODUCTION and DELIVERY. The total time from order to delivery will vary from order to order but a good estimate is around 7-10 days. Once we have your confirmed order and have received your image files, we need around 3 days to design your photo collage. You will then be sent a preview of the design for your review and approval.
If you request changes, then additional time is needed to create a revised layout and email to you for approval. Once you have approved the layout, we need around 5 days to produce and delivery your puzzle.
How many photos do I need to send?
There is no perfect number of photo that is required to make a good photo collage. Its good to start out by sending us 10 to 15 image but if have less than that, no problem. Please remember that the more photos you include in the design, the smaller each image will appear. We recommend that you choose the best and most relevant photos you have and send these to us. Depending upon the design, we may choose not to include some image so please let us know which photos “must” be included in the design. We will let you know if we need more images.
Can I add text or a message to the layout
Yes. You can provide any title, message, text, poem, song verse, saying or phrase you like that has meaning to the recipient. You can also request any other graphical elements you want such as a rose, or a mascot, or a logo. Our goal is to make it as personalized as possible so the more information you provide us, the more we can personalize it for you.
Can I see and approve the Photo Collage design before you produce the Puzzle?
Yes. Once the photo collage layout has been created, we will email a small scale preview version of the design to you for your approval. At this point you can request changes, add photos or add descriptive text to the collage. We will then incorporate these changes and send you a new revised preview for your approval. We will not produce a puzzle until we have your approval of the collage design and layout.
What should be the size and format of the image files I send?
The simple answer to this is to send the best quality (highest resolution) image files you have. The better the images, the better the quality of the photo collage. Photos produced from a digital camera that is 5 megapixels or more, or prints scanned at 300dpi or more, will work fine. If you are unsure that the quality of your photos is good enough, e-mail a few of your photos to us and we will take a look.
We recommend sending your images as JPEG (.JPG) files. This is a standard image file format produced by most digital cameras and scanning software. We can however also accept TIFF, PDF and other file formats.  If you are in doubt, drop us an e-mail and ask about a specific format.
How do I send my photos?
This depends upon the size of your image files. The easiest option is to send us your image files by e-mail to We would recommend that you split your images files over a number of e-mail messages, attaching say 3-5 image files to each e-mail message. Another option to make it easier to send many image files is to combine them into one zip file.
If you have very large image files or your have problems sending your image via e-mail, we recommend using or These services are free and specialize in sending large files over the internet. All you have to do is sign up and send your file.

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